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How Fashionable Eyewear Can Make You Look Younger

Glasses serve a very useful function, and without them, many of us would be in a world of trouble. It goes without saying, however, that they serve a second function: fashion. Fashionable eyewear is produced by a number of leading designers and can have a real impact on somebody’s style and appearance, as well as how they’re perceived. One of the key things to think about is finding a pair that doesn’t age you – in fact, in many cases glasses can even make you look younger!
The Shape of Your Face

One of the things people should always consider when buying a new pair of glasses is whether a particular set of frames will suit your face. As a general rule, rounder faces should opt for more angular glasses, and vice versa. Rounder shape frames can make more mature people seem younger as our features often become slightly sharper as we age.

The Shape of Your Frame

There are also a few things that you can incorporate into your fashionable eyewear that can aid the reverse-aging process. Choosing a style that pushes focus upwards instead of downwards is a great way to achieve the desired effect: a cat’s eye-shaped specs or frames with the top halves accentuated can go a long way.


Just as with the shape, choosing frames that highlight the upper part of your glasses can have a huge impact on making you appear younger. Colors that compliment your complexion are also a great way of getting the look. Fashionable eyewear can come in every conceivable color, but perhaps the best for these purposes is black (simple and classic) or tortoiseshell (movie-star chic).


Eyewear that is thicker will necessarily be heavier. Unfortunately, this can lead to slippage, with the frames slowly falling down the bridge of your nose, which can definitely make you look older than you are! If your prescription means that your lenses are on the thicker side, it may be worth paying for them to be shaved (and therefore lightened) to avoid this unwanted effect.

Styles for a Younger You

There are a few styles that seem to ooze youth and, depending on how they fit with the factors mentioned in this article, they could be the perfect choice for a younger you. Black, round, and cat’s eye frames are all good styles, and going bold with oversized or bright colors can also have a lot of impacts.

Things to Avoid

It’s almost impossible to define fashionable eyewear as styles are constantly shifting. But there are a few things that never go out of style. When, however, styles from the past do come back into vogue, it’s important to get the most up-to-date version of them, rather than dusting off a pair from the 80s – as the little changes in the new versions will make a big difference.

A Youthful Accessory

Glasses are essential for many of us, but they’re also an accessory that can make us look younger if we choose them correctly. Fashionable eyewear comes in a huge variety of styles, so knowing what will work for you can really help you look – and feel! – more youthful.

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